This Salon kit has you ready  need to offer smoothing treatment, cuticle recovery and velveting the hair in such a way that you will only believe it when you see it. We also got you covered so that you can retail home care to your customer this way your client get a better result. 


3 Dallis = Smoothing treatment

3 Velvet = Intensive Treatment 500 ml

3 Recovery = Hair Cutlcle recovery 200ml x2 items


6 BBC Cream 11 benefits 200ml or 

6 Leave in Collagen Treatment 120 ml

6 It Glam 30 ml oil 


9 Shmp & Cond Progress 300ml - Home care

9 wow 1 min mask 200ml- Home Cara


Limited August Edition :

You will get 25 % in home care bonus. You can choose. 


A minimum total value of $492 in retail

Salon Gold Pack

$1,719.00Price  |  Tel: +55-61-998-173-605

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